Dumb Ass Party Game Travel Size

Dumb Ass Party Game Travel Size

Since I’ve posted about the full game of Dumb Ass, I figured I’d push a nice little “travel sized” review of the travel sized version of Dumb ass. It takes all the elements of Dumb ass and consolidates the meat of the experience into a portable box available to play at any convenience. It’s similar in the way that each card offers the options of the which, how, and when options along with the more intelligible and harder to answer who what and where cards that are blended in. All the cards are shuffled together and each player takes a turn flipping and reading the question and ABC answers out to the players. These players all have one guess at the answer with the winner keeping the card. If no one answers the card the reader wins. Similar to the full board game, the artwork is simple and vibrant, the cards trivia is a lot of fun, and the gameplay is very simple.

Final Thoughts

I enjoy trivia a lot and to see games offer that type of knowledge is great. Unfortunately, these style card games don’t have the longevity of other card or board games but that’s to be expected of trivia. Eventually, memorized cards will trump over new players, old players may see reoccurring cards, and the cards will obviously run into wear and tear. However, with the amount of trivia offered, I could see this getting more gameplay than a few of the games I picked up recently–so I guess replayability is relevant. It’s a simple card game that anyone can pick up and play for quick fun and filler moments. Unlike the board game Dumb Ass, this is easy to travel around with and the randomness of the deck shuffle translates the board well.

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