Drop The Beat


Game: Drop The BeatTime: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy to learn, The rapping is difficultPlayers: 4+
Age: 12+Replay Value: low

Yo, who is ready to sound like def jam artists? Drop the Beat is a straight up rapping game where players will be given a topic to rap about for 30 seconds. Each card successfully rapped will give you 5 points. If you think you are really good with your flow, toss in a worrrd card for additional points. If everyone you’re playing with thinks your raps suck, you’ll get buzzed out.


This game is different from others because it IS a rapping game. I’d consider Jack Box’ Mad Verse City is my only other rapping game experience. So I fortunately don’t have biased comparisons when playing this game. Each player in our group grabbed a word card during their turn and gave it a go. Each turned was fairly similar to each other. The topic words have rhyme suggestions on them. So players who don’t know how to rap (most of us) word skim through each word, mad-libbing a couple words in between the rhyme. So, were we doing good? No, not based off tupac or Biggie standards–did it work? It got us moving…

How to Play


User Interface

The game is easy to grasp however, I did find a couple of the cards players start with to feel clunky. Diss tracks (cards that allow players to rap battle anyone at any time) weren’t necessarily played in fast heat, but more of like–okay is everyone done talking? The rapping itself is fairly difficult to do if players are unfamiliar with, well, rapping. I did fin the rhyming help, that follows the topic DID gives us a chance to attempt the topics challenges without too much pressure. The worrrd cards could have had more depth to it rather than a one point additional word.

I do find the game is amusing and players, regardless of their turn, enjoyed being highly critical of others–so the buzzer was a big hit and the main event. So, as far as entertainment goes, the dynamic is positive. I also feel the flow of the games pace is nice. 30 second timers with a healthy amount of transition time between rap critiques, laughing, and preparation for the next player.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Drop the Beat does not take long to learn, but does take time to master. I feel those who are consistent with playing this game will eventually memorize rhymes and flows, which could potentially make players better rappers–even outside of this game.

I think this game is a stalemate to subjective critics. Someone doing an “encore” for double their points would more than likely be harshly critiqued giving them a higher chance of being buzzed. Those who are more confident in their rapping skill may be buzzed out or buzz out more often because of their “experience”.

Card Break Down

Each card will offer a topic, some rhyme zones, and some secondary topics to follow the flow with. the game also includes diss cards, rewind cards, encore cards, and worrrd cards. In respective order, you can: at any time, rap battle someone, re-do your buzzed out rhyme, double your points, score an additional 1 point.

What I Like

I think everyone had a good time with the game. As a mentioned before, the buzzing is a highlight and successful ad on because of how outrageously often people who buzz us for no reason just to be funny. I had way too much fun “dropping” the mic during my single line flow that I felt was slightly higher than mediocre.

What I Don’t Like

The game just feels a little clunky and tough to peak interests with, which does not help expand it’s audience.

Final Thoughts


If you hop into this game, please take your time when rapping, if you start at a steady flow and slower tempo, it wont seem like you’re pausing too long when you’re thinking up your rhyme.


I don’t think this is a game I would personally ever play again. However, I do have friends that enjoyed it enough to want to test it again when it came time for me to replay this title. My brother loves the game and plays it more often than I do. So, I would say my opinion is very subjective–but then again, so is this whole game.


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