Drinkotron: Party Game for Drinking

 Game: Drinkotron Players: 2+
 Publisher: Self-Published Time: (whenever you want to end it)
 Age: 21+ Replayability: 8.5/10

 drinkotronDrinkotron: Party Game for Drinking

Drinkotron is an app turned card game, and they definitely did a great job creating an analog version that completely recreates the experience of their app. Drinkotron is a game where you and a couple of your friends draw cards and either follow rules or take mandatory actions. While practicing responsible safe-drinking, cards will effect one or all players and will be triggering a drink. Cards like “Propose a Toast” has everyone toast and drink while others such as T-rex Arms, has you finish the game drinking with your arms in your sleeves. Some of my favorites include the human coaster preventing you from putting your drink down and rock paper scissors because it creates a nice interaction between a couple players. I appreciate the versatility seen in this title. Each card seems to introduce a whole new component to the experience.

Drinkotron is definitely one of those original party games that will always be around. Sure, it’s not going to be a top tier card game, but those tend to lose their steam after a while. This is one of those instant cult classic types of card games; an experience you will never not want to play. It follows me to some game nights where I know we will be having some fun. The rules are clear and concise and the cards follow suit using visuals and simple word patterns to explain the next action or rule. It’s fully functional and quick to play.

drinkotronFinal Thoughts

This is surely a direct interaction card game between you and your players. decorated with an impressive design and graphic artwork–each card seriously introduces new experiences. Some cards will be as simple as “take a drink” while others can get as complex as “make-a-rule”. All being unique to its own. This is easily a filler game used to break the ice off the tension from the denser games before. It’s something fit for any game experience and I don’t see why this couldn’t be used with a substance that is agreeable among any age. In fact, I used this game to drink more water (because I don’t drink enough), and I want to play card games with my brother. I love that this game comes in a tin box shaped like an Altoids tin and is very on-the-go available. It’s a very shallow learning curve with a huge level of replayability. It’s pacing and game length can depend solely on you and your game nights decision. It’s a very valuable purchase for your shelf and can be enjoyed by anyone.

You will like this game if you’re looking for a card game that will never grow tired. If you want something light for your friends to play.

You will not like this game if you want more of a game and less of an experience. Party games aren’t always players favorites.



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