DragonStone Mine! A family friendly board game.

 dragonstone mine

DragonStone Mine! A family-friendly board game.

Information provided by Steve Port of Legion Supplies

What is the game about?

The game is about dwarves mining gems which have been imbued with magic from ancient dragons who once lived in the caves surrounding the mine. They are trying to control the power of the gems to build their towers.

It was originally created by Scott Elliott and his kids a few years ago when they went to the hardware store and bought some materials as a way to alleviate rainy Seattle Saturday afternoon boredom. The game started with the stuff they brought home and after a handful of years of testing and tweaking is in the format we are now releasing.

How do you play it?

The ultimate goal is to make stacks of all the same color or stacks with all 5 colors on the spires of your tower. Players take turns mining gems (drawing pieces from the bag). Each gem has a specific power when drawn at the beginning of the turn.  You invoke the power from that gem and do what the rules tell you to do with that color. Then you draw a card and perform 1 of 3 actions: 1) play a card 2) discard a card to mine and stack 2 gems without following the color rules or 3) draw another card. Players take turns until someone completes all 6 spires, then each other player takes 1 more turn and count points.  Each gem is worth 1 point.  There are 3 bonus point opportunities: a single colored spire, or a rainbow colored spire (1 of each gem type) or a “Rainbow form above” (being able to see 1 of each color on the top level of your spires) are each worth +5 points. Highest point totals win.

What to expect with the Kickstarter?

The Kickstarter has been going quite well! We demoed to somewhere close to 800 individuals at Origins last weekend and were very encouraged by the number of people who would come back and bring someone new to see the game. We’ve got a bit over 3 weeks left and will definitely crush the target and are hoping to push into a stretch territory.

Any last comments?

It’s been a lot of fun working on this game. I first played it 3-4 years ago when I was visiting Seattle and met Scott out for lunch at a pub. We played the alpha version then, as had a number of industry giants. They’ve all been telling him “Get it made” for years now and I was finally the one that convinced him to go for it. We put the finishing touches on the game the beginning of this year and are planning to have it in player’s hands before Christmas.  We have all the initial groundwork done for the game, it’s just waiting for the funding now so that we can make our gem and base molds and get our first production prototypes done!


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