pic2307279_mdGame: DragonFlame

Developer: Minion Games

Players: 2- 5

DragonFlame is a card game by Minion Games that has successfully funded on kickstarter back in 2014. We all know how dragons and treasure go hand in hand– which explains why in this game 2 to 5 players take on the role of dragons destroying local villages with flames to gain treasure! You will be burning countrysides, villages, and peasants (finally, a game where WE are the dragons) in order to score points and win. The game consist of treasure cards, banners cards, village cards, and dragon markers indicating which part of the village they burned.

368a1c07227789441b555dcde33387d6_largeThe goal of the game is to have the most points at the end of the game by collecting treasures and burning villages. Setup is simple; place the 9 village cards across the table in a grid, leaving the center empty. Lay out enough castles to compensate 1 more than the number of players. Give each player a banner, which will determine player order, and lay the castles in the center. Shuffle and deal 3 cards per player. Once set up is complete, begin by playing treasure cards from your hand on to the castle cards. You then, in banner turn order, select treasures thet are either powerful or will deliver negative points and lay them face up or face down . After you select a castle, reveal the treasure cards and resolve the effects right away. When there is only 1 card remaining in the main deck, that indicates the last round of the game. Score for completely burned villages, hoards, and chest cards.pic2561872

Overall,  DragonFlame is a fun game that can play in about 30- 45 minutes. It’s a level of complexity that may hinder the favorable interest among novice players, but with the rise in strategic small games– you may find this game can deliver a great amount of depth once the rules are learned. I did play both the 2 player variant and I played with more people and I enjoyed the latter. The 2 player variant is was definitely fun, but I think with more players, the game plays better.


Joseph Nicholas

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