Dozen’s Donuts: Tasty New Memory Game

 Game: Dozen’s Donuts Players: 2- 6
 Publisher: Monocle Society Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 8.5/10

 2016-07-10 13.22.26 Dozen’s Donuts: Tasty New Memory Game

Memory matching games have been around for quite some time. Now I could totally Wikipedia the exact dates that we saw the introduction of memory games, but I’d hate to bore with you that type of information (and I am too lazy to open a new tab). I’ve noticed modern games don’t necessarily welcome the memory mechanic as often as I’d had hoped. Actually, I could argue I’d almost forgotten that it could be prevalent anymore. Dozen’s Donuts does what many have not yet and that’s brought to life the memory matching mechanic adding a modern twist to the mix. Dozen’s Donuts is a game where players flip over donuts in order to match them. The originality in this title comes from them implementing action cards, stale donuts, and power up donuts. The rules are very concise and clear and fit well with the style of the experience. The game is zany and vibrant which does a great job setting up the mood of the gameplay. I was happy to see it is very functional and good quality. I think my favorite part of the rulebook is how it reminds me of early morning donut runs with the family–glazed donuts and a cup of coffee–yum.

Dozen’s Donuts has players setup a 4×4 of face-down donuts to make our draw grid. Each player will flip up two face-down donuts (more if you have an action card that says to do so) in order to match them. There are a couple outcomes so I will elaborate. If they match, you get to take them from the board, give yourself a score, and take another round. If the matching donuts match your player donut you gain a bonus point. If one of the matching donuts is a green power-up donut, draw an action card. If you don’t make a match, the turn ends and the player to your left starts their turn. If you draw a stale donut, it ends your turn immediately.

dozen's donutsMy Experience

I played a four player version of this game and I loved it. I also started the round (because I never eat donuts). I flipped two donuts over and received my first match of the lemon glazed chocolate donut. My turn ended immediately after because of a stale donut I picked up. player to my left picked up two different donut types ending their turn quickly as well. Player three received a match (using the memory of the last two drawn donuts) and happen to not only match his player donut for a bonus point but drew a  Green donut giving him an action card. Fast-forward to his turn again, he used his action card allowing him to flip over an entire row of donuts giving him a nice match with the pink sprinkles donut. Toward mid game I was losing by a few points because I was drawing a lot of stale donuts.

Toward the end of the match, I was able to get a nice memory build of donut locations, I had an awesome clutch bring me back up to speed with the rest of the group. Player to my left had an auto-stale card rendering the third players match useless. It was my turn again, I began pulling match after match. There were no cards available to be used against me, it seemed that most of the stale cards were in their respective discard pile, and I ended the game catching up and winning with 8 points.

dozen's donutsFinal Thoughts

I enjoy the game experience a lot. It’s simple for any gaming experience to play and a lot of fun for all ages. The graphics are colorful, the gameplay is fluent, and the experience is quick. There is a suggestion of direct interaction with action cards, but most of the gameplay will see after match effects more often than not because of the matching and discarding. The low learning curve makes this a very replayable game. Unfortunately, there is one of each donut that has a fly on it. This was very confusing at first because we thought it was a stale donut, which ended our game with an unpaired donut for each donut type. We figured the fly was theatrical–but was not explained so. Other than that there isn’t much not to like about this.

You will like this game if you have a good memory and love donuts

You will not like this game if you’re wanting something more than a pair matching card game.



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