Downsize: Quick Look Into Competitive Business Downsizing Game


downsizeDownsize is a competitive card game for 2-6 players. In a game of Downsize, players command a corporation looking to resolve different effects through firing employees. These effects can be controlling the work force, making investments, or influencing your competition. However, there’s only so much money to be made, and as players invest and reap the returns, the market veers closer and closer to collapse. Balance your employees wisely, and liquidate your company before you start incurring losses, to ensure that you end up at the top of the pile.

With Downsize we wanted to create a game that was as easy to play as it was to set up: one that didn’t require players to memorise a lengthy rulebook, but didn’t skimp on tactical depth or range. (source)

Downsize takes minutes to learn and play with an interesting level of complexity and strategy that rewards players who take the time to master the game. It’s suitable for all ages. The artwork is minimal and vibrant and the content is no more than a travel sized box so it will be a great on the go card game. Check out more on Downsize at their kickstarter.


Joseph Nicholas

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Indietabletop. Communication major. Favorite mechanics include: Bluffing and Deduction, modular boards, and action point allowance. Favorite video game genres are Rpgs, Puzzles games, and Sim/Tycoons.

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