Die Fly!

Game: Die Fly! Kamangamoo CreationsTime: 20 +
Replay Value: higherPlayers 2- 6 (good at 2, better around 4)
Difficulty: easyAge: 7+

Die Fly!

We all know that familiar buzzing and that consistent swatting in front of the face that may potentially leave you with a black eye. That may be a literal dramatic but I am terrified of flies, so It happens.. I think? I present to you, Die Fly the board game about swatting flies and leaving them in your kill pile (love the theme). Die fly is a card game about quick eye and card placement. You and 2- 6 opponents will draw cards, place flies, and swat the better pile to score points by the end of the game in 15 minutes with players playing 7+ and for a fun quick family game night. Let’s check it out.

Likes and Dislikes

I like the concept of the game a lot–it’s simple and pure. The majority of the game’s cards are different types of flies while the remainder range from butterflies, frogs, food, or even poop. Each card represents a way to get points, or a way for players to change up the game. But the thing is, none of these variable cards feel like fluff–every card has a purpose in this experience. The quick swatting of one of the two discard piles can naturally feel great (for me at least)–before I realize I splatted a butterfly (-15 points) and a poop (meaning I have a penalty to do). Sure, placing a poop means everyone lands a fly on top of it; but who knows what that penalty can be. 

What I Don’t Like

Naturally, with card drafting games, sometimes you don’t get the cards you might need. Especially with Die Fly, swatters are the most important card in the game because you NEED them to swat the discard piles for points. Each player starts with a fly swatter but sometimes you’ll watch the deck decrease and you have still yet to grab another swatter. Sometimes, players will draw only swatters (and no, I shuffled pretty well–i Think?) meaning you wont have flies to place, cards to change things up, or any chance to really getting the advantage. 

Final Thoughts

Getting the family together for game night is challenging among many reason being: time, challenge of the game, or age level. Die Fly is a quick to learn and quick to play card game with an easy rulebook that justifies for a fun night with the family. Bring it to game night to spice up those filler experiences and create some really… devastating… penalties. If you want a card drafting and quick eye card game, Die Fly,along with the theme, is fun and friendly for everyone.


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