Dice of Crowns

 Game: Dice of Crowns Players: 2- 6
 Publisher: Thing 12 Games Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 8/10

dice of crowns Dice of Crowns

I have been playing a lot of dice based games lately. Being in this hobby for a little over two years and having expanded my library by a tenfold within the last one, I have played titles such as Roll for it, Dungeon Roll, and the two dice specific Martian Dice and Zombie Dice. I haven’t seen a dice game implicate a take that action or a directly interactive luck based action like I did in Dice of Crowns. I find while the game’s concept isn’t original, I think the concept is implicated well with the dice mechanics. The rules are structured clearly, however It could be worded slightly better. I love the design of the box  (while it’s a prototype) I enjoy it being in an altoids tin container as well as the dice game design functioning properly.

In Dice of Crowns, you are rolling seven dice in order to collect either crowns or skulls for a total of three coins to win (five for advanced play). Aside from crowns and skulls, throughout your rolls you will be receiving daggers and scrolls. While 3 daggers will end your round, a scroll will allow you to give it to someone to roll on your turn. Their outcome can help your rolls by giving you their re-roll as an extra skull or crown. Any dice you want to reroll may be rerolled on your turn once. Dice of Crowns offers advanced activities that heighten the amount of interaction in the game like rolling 7 of any of the die will grant you abilities such as extra coin, extra distribution of daggers, protection from daggers, or fate tokens. A single fate token can be used to re-roll any die they want while more than 1 token can offer higher available options.

2016-06-01 20.04.27My Experience

I played Dice of Crowns with two other players and we understood gameplay right away. This group was very familiar with dice rolling mechanics, but I could see this being fairly easy to grasp for new players. I rolled my seven and right away received five crowns and two scrolls. I collected my coin for the three crown requirement and gave each of my opponents a scroll. They rolled the scroll and both came up with a crown and a skull. This gives me nothing and the opponent who rolled the crown keeps that die for their turn. I was happy they didn’t roll a dagger (which can be re-allocated to another player). Player to my left rolls his die, only having six because of the opponent who keeps the crown. He rolls six skulls and receives two fate tokens (3 for each fate token) instead of a gold coin. My third opponent rolls his die, keeping his crown die from previous rolls, and get a few scrolls and a few daggers. The daggers end his turn immediately, but not until after the scrolls are allocated and rolled. They come up scrolls again, giving third player a chance to reroll them in hopes for more crowns.

Later in the match, both fate tokens were used to force a reroll from my hand stopping me from getting a seven crown roll which would’ve given me two gold coins thus winning me the game. Good move I’d say. In the end, I still won because I was able to collect enough gold coins (5) to win the game. I even survived the betrayal round which follows after someone is crowned.

2016-06-01 20.05.19Final Thoughts

Dice of Crowns offers a very effective direct interaction that isn’t too competitive. I think this would be fine for any amount of players to experience with five or six possibly dragging a bit when crowns are kept on scroll actions. I love the design of the dice, and while they are prototype components, I still found it to be great to look at. A gripe I have is the advanced rule four or more dagger action which can allocate daggers to other players. I think the active player shouldn’t have the option to distribute their damage to specific players if they should be harmed by it.

You will like this game if you enjoy dice games. The theme involves crowns and betrayal which is always fun. If you want to try a dice game with imaginative mechanics.

You will not like this game if you don’t enjoy dice games. If you want something with more components and more strategy. This is mostly luck based so the strategy is very shy to none.



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