Cult Following: Party Game Because that’s What We Believe In

 Game: Cult Following Players 3+ (best with 5)
 Publisher: Bravely Told Games Time: 20 minutes
 Age: 10+ Replayability: 6/10

cult following card gameCult Following

Cult Following is a party style card game about building a Cult believably attractive. You want to recruit your opponents to your Cult over other players Cults. When the turn begins, two or three people will be cultists and draw draw five sign cards and keep two they feel worthy of building their cult around. Use one sign from each card (each card has two signs) and develop a story revolving around those two signs. For example, We are the League of Geniuses that present technological advances through pre-modern tools. Yes, we are a paleolithic ideology that involves Stone Circles to learn how to recreate all the modern advancements of Technology–without the technology, we will see this happen in the next few months! (I made this story right now, with two cards). This will follow with Recruits drawing 1 question and reading it to the cultists. The Cultists will answer the question and argue why they are the better cult. Once a cultist has recruited two followers (having a recruit like your answer gives you a point) the round ends and the next cultists begin their story. I think the concept is very original and introduces to us that party games can work well with a targeting theme involved. It is a functional card game with relatively straightforward and are consolidated and given to us on a single card.

My Experience

I had a group of five and my brother and I began the round as cultists. I pulled the cards and chose the signs The Dead Walk the Earth and Toys Come to Life. My story involved developing animatronic artificial Intelligence toys to fight off a soon to be rising of the Dead. That our cult will provide survival and shelter to those who follow. My brother’s involves Garden Gnomes  and Peace and Love  and involved a soon to be rising of Garden Gnomes that will promote Peace and Love if you were to follow his cult. His cults Gnomes are those they believe in to bring prosperity. One of the recruits asked me what my Two for One Deal? was and I mentioned that for every two toys we bring to life, a believer will be sanctioned to a higher level of our cult tower. My brother was asked what part of the world is surprisingly more devoted to his cult, He replied Texas because garden gnomes are common there (he made that up). I actually lost my point that round because my brothers answer made everyone laugh.

cult following card gameFinal Thoughts

Cult Following is an enjoyable party game for a large group of players. This is best with five players because I feel four players seems a bit dull when the recruits ask the cultists questions, however it’s not terrible. Three players wasn’t the greatest experience because we had one recruit and it felt a little demanding to choose between two cultists. The learning curve is low and relies on your storytelling abilities. I enjoy the concept of the game but wish there was more artwork. More often than not we see party games rely on flavor text to fill their card and leave out the graphic designs. While this works and doesn’t necessarily ruin the flow of the game, I feel it’s more common than not in party games and could benefit from a more abstract style of cult building. The interaction is high being this is a verbal style party games and would be great for all audiences.

You will like this game if you want a party game that revolves around storytelling. If you have a fun sense of humor and you enjoy voting for winners.

You will not like this game if you’re not a fan of religion themed gaming. While Cult’s don’t necessarily need to be religion based, it’s a theme that could be a bit controversial


Joseph Nicholas

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