Creepiest Pet Shop

creepiest pet shop

Creepiest Pet Shop is a very fun and very fast paced matching card game of monsters and… pets? Use your monster cards (and colors) to place down and match with the flipped pet cards as fast as you can to receive those cards. Whether they have a single color are are Multi–colored, your hand of monsters will be carefully selected by discarding and drawing to ensure you have what it takes (and colors) to take all the pets! I know that my nephew love some of the games I’ve been showing him from FoodFighters or Elementy he can’t get enough of the 2 player card game battles and always asks me to bring over some of my best card games to show him.

Creepiest Pets is easy to learn, quick to play, and definitely a lot of fun. Game is simple, draw up to 5 cards (discard up to 3 and redraw if you’re unhappy with the cards you have). Play effect cards in order to help yourself or hinder your opponents. Flip over two pet cards and unleash the Kraken as you race your cards (with matching color) down on top of the pets to adopt. At the end of the game, count up all your points and declare victory if you have the most points! (If this game was real life I’d win because of my house full of cats)

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For a gameplay video Check out our friends over at Family and Games!



Joseph Nicholas

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