Crazy Cultists

Crazy Cultists

We have all had those moments where we pull out our family ouija board and summon a demon. Right? Well if not, now you will with this new take that card game, Crazy Cultists!

Game: Crazy CultistsPublisher: Rocket House Games
Players:3- 6Age: 10+
Time: 30 minutesReplay Value: 3/5
Simple to learn gameplay
Easy new-player accessibility
satisfying “take that”
not much variety


Crazy Cultists is a quick action take that card game where players want to summon a demon by lighting 5 candles in their pentagram. To do so, you will be playing favor cards on yourself, while playing hijinx cards on opponents who may stand in your way. First player to 5 candles wins the game and summons the best DEMON EVER!!!

This game comes with 60 favor cards, 30 hijinx cards, 25 candles tokens,  and 6 pentagram boards. The favor cards will be your main focus because attaining 10 will give you one candle, with only 4 more to go to win the game. The hijinx cards will be used to tackle your opponents. A lot of hijinx cards, but not limited to, help discard opponents favors to slow their progress.

What I Like

I really enjoy how solid the game play is. It’s a game purely relies on speed of play to create a satisfying experience. Each player takes turns playing a card from their hand, favor or hijinx, then drawing a new card to end their turn. This is not a game that asks for much strategy but there is just enough within the 3 cards you draw to make a difference in your outcome depending on your choices.

New players can pick this game up fairly easily. Each turn consist of playing 1 card from your hand and the outcome is very simple–collect candles. Since the hijinx cards are so straight forward, it’s not going to be difficult understanding the lingo of heavier board games. So throughout the game, it’s really a matter of 
“Should I play this card or will my opponent make me discard it?”

What I Don’t Like

Like I stated earlier, the game is very straight forward and does a good job delivering what it wanted to be. So with that said, I do find the lack of variety to make this game less likely to hit the table. However, the game does benefit players who do not know how to play board games or players who are just warming up. There are a great many variations added to the game that do add enough spice to the experience to make the game fun. However, It’s not played as often as I’d expect from my game group.

Final Thoughts

This is a game that is good to own. Reason is that this can be brought out to players who are new to the gaming world and don’t want to play your typical “exploding kittens/cards against humanity” types anymore. This is that next level game that will push new players into the right direction. It’s simple and easy to teach with enough game play to make a play through exciting.


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