Cover Your Kingdom

Game: Cover Your KingdomPlayers: 3- 6
Publisher: Grandpa Beck’s GamesAge: 10+
Time: 30 minutesReplay Value: higher


We have just become rulers of a new kingdom! You quickly realize you rule much of nothing as the kingdom is empty. However, in good fortune there are plenty of magical creatures looking for for a place to call home. Looks like you should Cover your Kingdom!

Cover Your Kingdom is a 3- 6 player card game by Grandpa Beck’s Games and is a non-related follow up to Cover Your Assets. This game will include a plethora of magical creatures, wild creatures, and a lot of player interaction.

The game is simple, you have 6 cards in your hand and on you turn you may take 1 or 2 actions. Simple, pair cards from your hand or the discard–or try to steal cards from opponents.

cover your kingdom
Great follow up to Cover Your A$$ets
Simple and fun gameplay
beautiful Artwork
Exciting theme
Heavily relies on luck of the draw

What I like

This is a very simple game to play. While I loved Cover Your A$$ets I found this game improved a lot of what I wasn’t to thrilled about in CYA. Before, in Cya, players would have to play through the deck multiple times for someone to reach a million points. In Cover Your Kingdom, players run through the deck once to score as many points as you can.

The artwork is fantastic and I think will draw in more players because of how fun the theme takes on the mechanics. Personally, the artwork alone initially sparked my interest. In CYA, while I enjoyed watching my assets triple and quadruple in value making me a card game millionaire; I think the fantasy theme is more appealing to the family.

Cover Your Kingdom brings on a whole new level of game play to players. The rulebook is created to immerse players into the theme being written to not break character. Words like “Cards”and “Players” are replaced with more appropriately fitting titles. Special action cards increase the amount of interaction and gives players a nice nudge toward the goal. 

cover your kingdom

Final Thoughts

I think this is the best way to improve on an already successful game. Cover Your A$$ets was a thrilling interactive experience that hit the table more often than I expected. With the theme replacement, added specials, and tweaks on game play I have no doubt in my mind this will be hitting the table more appropriately and far more often.

Learn more about the game and their kickstarter here


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