Coup the game of lies and deception


Developer: Indie Boards and Cards

Player: 2- 6

Time: 15 minutes

COUP is a simple enough game where everyone can understand it and play while still having some sort of strategy. I like to compare the simplicity of this game to LOVE LETTER due to the limited amount of cards, the quickness of the game, and the goal to be the last player alive.
However, Coup revolves around lies and deception.

The deck has a total of 15 cards; 5 different characters with 3 characters each. Each character has a different ability. For instance, the Captain can steal 2 coins from another person and block someone else from stealing their coins but a Duke can take 3 coins each turn and can prevent an opponent from getting foreign aid (2 coins).
Each player has 2 cards to begin with. On your turn you can choose to use the ability that is on one of your cards, claiming to be a specific character, OR you can lie and say that you are a character that is not in your hand yet still receive the same ability of the character that you claimed to be. This works because you do not reveal your card unless you are accused of lying. If a person thinks that you are lying, and you were not, you reveal the character you claimed to be and draw a new one. The person who accused you must then choose a card to discard but is unable to draw a new card. If you were accused and were lying, you discard a card in your hand and nothing happens to the person who accused you.
Coins are another way of getting people out of the game. Assassins can pay 3 coins to kill someone of their choice. There are three ways you can get coins: take income, take foreign aid, or be a Duke. Income gets you one coin, foreign aid gets you 2, and playing the Duke gets you 3 coins. When you get 7 coins, you can start a coup which will kill someone and no one can block this from happening. When you get 10 coins you have to coup.

Final Thoughts – EVERYONE SHOULD GET THIS GAME. It is so much fun, easy to understand, and super are down a character. Be warned that it could ruin some friendships since you will never know if they are telling you the truth…qhh



Natasha Kane

Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Social Science. Her favorite mechanics are worker placement, set collecting, modular board, and card drafting.

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