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coup reformation

Game:Coup: Reformation

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Coup Reformation Expansion







This expansion, Coup Reformation, to Coup adds Allegiances, a Treasury Reserve, and one new character. If you do not know the game of Coup, I would check out my review for that HERE to get an idea of the game.

The Allegiance cards allow you to be on a team with other players. There are the “Reformist” and the “Loyalist”. By claiming your Allegiance to one of these sides, you can only steal, coup, assassinate, or block foreign aid from someone of the opposite Allegiance.

asdFor instance, if I were a Reformist, I can only steal coins from someone on the Loyalist side.

If everyone is on the same Allegiance, than it plays out like normal Coup.

During your turn you may also pay 1 coin to change your allegiance or pay 2 coins to change another player’s Allegiance. These coins are then placed in the Treasury Reserve.

The Treasury Reserve is a card that sits in the center of the table and collects money. Players are allowed to take the money off of the Treasury Reserve at any time as long as they are not a Duke.

IMG_20150719_152054151The new character card that is included in Coup: Reformation is the Inquisitor. Her ability is similar to the Ambassador’s where she can exchange cards with the Court Deck and blocks stealing. However, instead of exchanging your own cards, you can examine another player’s card and if you think it is necessary for your game, you may force them to return that card to the Court Deck and draw a new card.

Final Thoughts – Coup: Reformation takes the original game and puts a slight twist on it by adding Allegiances. It makes the game more of a cooperative game at times instead of just an individual game. Since the game also adds 2 cards of the original character cards and includes 5 Inquisitor cards, the game has the ability to be played with up to 10 people. (When playing with a smaller group I just reduce the amount of character cards used; 3 of each character.) This expansion is great build off of an already awesome game that can add more strategy and a level of cooperation.



Natasha Kane

Graduated from Washington State University with a degree in Social Science. Her favorite mechanics are worker placement, set collecting, modular board, and card drafting.

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