Costume Party Card Game: Bluff and Remember in Style!

 Game: Costume Party Age: 8+
 Publisher: Naturalist Games Time: 15 minutes
 Players: 3- 7 Replayability 8/10

costume partyCostume Party Card Game

Costume Party is one of those fantastically simple yet incredibly addicting card games involving memory, bluffing, and a suggestion of ‘being in style’. In costume Party, you are a player who is playing cards to score points and looking great doing it. Begin the game by dealing out three cards to each player. You will then take turns choosing a card to give to your opponent (a bit of strategy!) until everyone has three cards and you are down to one card . When everyone has given a card out you should be back to three cards and will be ready to show up to the party. I found this card game to be a fun little filler piece to add to your game night because of its quick play and accessible gameplay. I found the rules to be light-hearted and a quick read judging this to be low on the learning curve. The structure of the rulebook is direct and I felt they were clear on how to play.

My Experience

I played Costume Party (a lot) with two other players. I was dealt a hand including a vampire (take a point from the leader) and two ghosts (score points for every ghost in the last round). My first decision was to get rid of my vampire because no one was in the lead (or everyone is–however you look at it) so I felt I’d rather try my chances with a random card. I ended up with a horse head (+6 points if a tail end is played in the same round, -3 if there is not), a zombie (+1 point for every zombie in the following round), and I kept a ghost for myself. I started my play with a zombie card. My left side opponent played the vampire card I gave him and my right side opponent played his mummy card. We all played unique cards so we all were able to enjoy three points each. This starting round was their first time so I figured these choices were the water testers. After drawing back up to three, my right side opponent said he’s willing to play a tail end horse if anyone had the head. Well, “Aren’t you in luck” I said as I reached for my horse head. Luckily, my right side opponent wasn’t bluffing! However, my left side opponent (who began the next round) played a mummy and stopped me from entering the contest. I missed my chance at three points for the contest however, I gained six points because of my opponents’ and my awesome horse costume!

Final Thoughts

Lovely, simple, and a great filler. But really, I think this is great for anyone to play and can be expected to have the one-more-time mantra included. Like Coup, your small hand size and strict turn choices make this simple to play. I like that the game is light-hearted and playfully competitive. While you are using cards actions to hinder your opponents it’s nothing more than a punch on the shoulder. I feel that each cards action does not feel like it’s been used before, or that it is padding. I love this little piece of the rulebook that states ” Each player who wore a unique costume scores 3 points, while everyone else learns an important lesson in originality”–It’s hilarious to me, I just had to add that.

You will like this game if you want clear rules, simple gameplay, and multiple run throughs.

You will not like this game if you’re not into unique card scores, denser gameplay, or don’t want to directly attack opponents.



Joseph Nicholas

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