Comix card game review

 Game: Comix Age: 6 +
 Publisher: Horrible Games Time: 30 minutes
 Players:3- 10 Replayability: 7.5/10

Comix card game review

Comix card game reviewWhen I received this game for review I spent hours taking apart every piece of the game trying to find some type of
discovery that would inspire this review. I searched high and low within my metaphorical brain storage to find the best way to tackle this game. It’s quality player involvement having each player score individual stories. Representing a comic book pitch among 6- 9 double sided cards included on the player panel sheet.Comix card game review

That’s when I saw it. Dead in the face, out there for my metaphorical arms to reach out and grab.”I think I’ll cover this review like a comic!” It was admirable–that’s when it hit me. “How was I going to do that?!”A bit of me felt useless, everything I was writing smudged and bled through the page. Why was this so hard for me to stick to the theme of the game to demonstrate the story building component? I figured I’d take it slow and consider mapping out the game from the Comix card game reviewbeginning to the end.

Hand every player a panel sheet, pass out the review token to each player these include: most original story, most exciting story, best composed, and neutral tokens (which weren’t very impressive). “Great” I Comix card game reviewthought, “This is going to be easy. I’ll title it Comix card game review

It hit me out of nowhere the story delivered itself. I watched as my hand illustrated words across my paper– it had a mind of it’s own. I had no control as it imposed the most eloquently styled narrative from start to end. I was more than thrilled. “5 panels out of the way, 1 more to go”.

Comix card game reviewAs the story came to an end, I waited for the results. I held the gold trophy over my head as I nodded in acceptance. “Wait.. What…?” I flipped over the tokens and they were all neutral. Nobody liked my review, nobody found it unique or exciting. I watched as the trophy was ripped right out of my grip. Oh well, at least I have an idea of how to pitch this review.Comix card game review


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