Collectors Hardwood Catan Board – Thinking Monk Studios

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Collectors Hardwood Catan Board – Thinking Monk Studios

It all started a year ago. My family and I love playing board games, but cardboard gaming boards can be bothersome. It takes only a small amount of food or drink to ruin the board. Boards that require many pieces such as Catan’s, are easily wrecked with a simple elbow bump. Simply put, cardboard just doesn’t hold up well to the hustle and bustle that happens around an intense night of Catan.- Thinking Monk¬†

The unfortunate truth is yes, this is very true. Many is the times I’ve watched (mostly in slow-motion) my cards get damaged by water, beer, food leftovers and what have you. How I’ve had to buy a new game (because I have OCD) because my board was wrecked by stains from uncareful friends (you know who you are) that did not wipe their hands prior to placing their meeples. This Catan board project doesn’t just open the doors to a sturdy Catan board experience, this company is looking to expand this idea toward more games. Thinking Monk has made note that they would begin to branch out toward more indie board games with hints toward Takenoko and Tokaido for example.

This family owned business started this project with Catan board because well, what game doesn’t have a Catan somewhere in their inventory? If you’re interested in helping this project and furthering the expansion of other projects check out the project here.


Joseph Nicholas

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