Club Zen a Kickstarter Update

Club Zen a Kickstarter Update

I’ve posted earlier this month about Club Zen and quite frankly, I am extremely excited for this piece (especially now that it’s on Kickstarter). A while ago I stumbled onto the boardgamegeek page of Dice Hate Me Games. As I was scrolling through Dice Hate Me Games new releases (I love this publisher by the way) I stumbled across the game Club Zen, and the name was definitely a hook. I’ll post the first look here.

We have less than 20 days to pick up a copy of Club Zen for $49 off their kickstarter–which is a double feature along with Don’t get eated (running at $19). You can purchase one, both, or both AND your name as a player in the game… Since I’ve talked about Club Zen before– I wont fill this post with repetition, however. Look at this board!club zen

I’ll now post information on the game from the kickstarter in order to give you an idea of what to expect. Keep in mind the most notable objective is to visit parts of the resort with your opponents in order to get bonus vp points (and no, this isn’t a cooperative game).

“East meets West in Club Zen, a relaxing worker placement game where the goal is to plan out your seven-day working vacation in the most Zen way possible. Manage your work and emotional stress, make new friends, attend exciting events such as Hang-Gliding or Rock Climbing, collect stones for your personal Zen Garden, or take a nap! How will you spend your time at the 5-star resort, Club Zen? The most relaxed or “zen” player at the end of their one week stay will be the winner.” Source

I am more than excited for this piece and can not wait until it funds (if it does).


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