Chibi Mob

Game: Chibi Mobgtnf

Developer: Nice Games

Players: 2- 6

What do you get when you cross six gangs with money, weapons, and charm? A 2- 6 player take that card game that plays anywhere from 10- 60 minutes. Chibi Mob is a small package that packs a punch. With very fun light-hearted action tying together with quick turn combat; you can endure a multitude of engaging mechanics. From buying out the enemy to shanking some of the top dogs; prove that you are not a chibi mobster to mess with.

You begin by selecting how many gang types you’d like to play with. It is suggested that for 2 2015-08-31 16.47.07players you play no more than 5 gangs. Shuffle and display four bosses in the “city” section of the table (an area available for all players). Amounted gang number can quicken or lengthen the game depending on how long or how many players are participating. You then supply each player with a “home” card which directs your actions into specific locations. “Hits” for dead boss members, “Allys” for captured boss powers, and “fatigue” for employed goons who have used an action. These options all correlate to an action you can use during your turn by playing your collected goon cards. The game ends when your cities boss count is at its last boss. You will then tally your acquired hit points to see who will¬†falter and who will be the cities boss.

I think the games art took a little while for me to get used to; which I’s say is a good thing. I am so accustomed to a standard of design our recent board game releases deliver. With quintessential theme tropes, and zany mindless graphics parallel to light-hearted games, I was actually convinced that the graphics didn’t fit and the games ideal. But I am glad that I was able to reject these preconceived notions and appreciate the truly unique aesthetics Nice Games delivers with Chibi Mob.

I mentioned before this game appreciates improved mechanics and executes them precisely to engage a generous balance of an ounce of battling with a fun amount of strategy. Chibi Mobs is a game for the masses and articulates light-hearted with take that card battling mechanics. I like it, and if you are looking for a combat game that you can appreciate with a vairety of differetnly skilled boardgame players, this is the one.htzdra.


Joseph Nicholas

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