Cheeky Monkeys card game

 Cheeky Monkeys card game

cheeky monkey card gameLooking for a light hearted, fun, combination making, and disaster-about-to-happen having card game? Try Cheeky Monkeys card game! (website here)

Cheeky Monkeys is a card game about ape trainers and escaping monkeys. Players have 2 decks of cards, 60 cards each (Monkey cards and Action cards – 7 different Monkey Cards and 10 different Action cards (5 Rapid Action, which you can always play, and 5 Cheeky Action, you can only play during your turn). The Monkey cards create various deadly combinations (es: Water gun Sniper/water + Deadly Head scratcher/electricity) while the action cards prevent you from exploding when you get a deadly combination or create issues to your playing mates.

Pcheeky monkeys card gamelayers take turns drawing one monkey-card and one action-card. Monkey-cards go straight on the table in front of the player and are accumulated turn by turn, while Action-cards are kept in hand. Players take turns drawing monkey and action cards until they manage to blow up other players with some deadly monkey combination or blast themselves in the intent. The game gets more and more intense with each monkey card you draw because with the more Monkey cards you have, the more possible it is for you to blow up. You need to play the right action card at the right time and use all your creativity and strategy and (basic) science knowledge to win the game . The last surviving ape-trainer is the winner.

Information provided by Elisa Trotter(Cheeky Monkeys card game)


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