Cat Clash Card Game

 Game: Cat Clash Players: 2- 5
 Publisher: Self Published Time: 30 minutes
 Age: 8+ Replayability: 7/ 10

cat clash Cat Clash Card Game

Battling card games have seen a bit of a growth recently. What better way to merge that style of combat into a card game than to add cats to the mix. In Cat Clash, you are to lay out five of the cat types (farm, alley, monster, fancy, and ninja) from your hand in the form of herding before your opponents do. In order to derail the progress of your opponents set, you will be supplied with options such as attacking, setting disasters, or pumping your cats with defense in order to maintain your lead. This game has a zany design with a nice variety of graphics to maintain a versatile playthrough. Herding cats can be done in a multitude of ways, just be sure to protect what is yours before someone tries to steal them away. On you turn you will choose one action (play a cat card, play a fight card, play a disaster card, or discard two and draw two) and end your turn by drawing a card. Playing a card as part of your herd has you roll the dice to see if you can collect it. Depending on the cat, you will either roll their power number or roll an odd number in order to herd them. It’s a fully functional board game with an original theme and concept combo. The rules are organized well and deliver the content in an easy to learn manner available for all ages.

My Experience

I played this game with two other players. I began my turn by playing down a farm cat to get my herd going, I rolled the dice to (hopefully) herd the cat–I rolled a three (yes!). My opponent played down a ninja cat and ended their turn after herding it with a roll of five. Player three also played down a ninja cat to their herd and also rolled an odd number. My turn started up again, I had an alley cat card for my herd and a fight card that gave my alley cat a +2 boost to their roll (which I decided would be my next few moves), I played down my alley cat (just assume we were able to herd them all on our first try). Player two played a fleas disaster card on my ninja which ultimately sent him to the discard deck (I wasn’t able to roll an odd number nor did I have any cards to defend against fleas). After a few plays, come around again to my turn I played the fight card on the alley cat and attacked my opponents ninja cat. I rolled an eleven (nine + the two bonus) which destroyed my opponents five that he rolled. I collected his ninja cat and was now in the lead with three cats in my herd.

Toward the latter half of this battle, things got tense. My opponents and I felt attacking was our best defense to ensure we would not lose our herd or lose to players playing cats to their herd. While stacking cats was an option (having two ninja cats out if I wanted), we felt it was a waste of a turn since we only had one action at a time per turn. This experience became a back and forth between stealing cats and causing disasters. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of defense cards to protect my cats so I continued to attack until I was able to collect all five cat types to my herd–the game ended.

cat clash card gameFinal Thoughts

Cat Clash card game is an interesting mix of mechanics with a cat theme. While I enjoyed the game I did have a problem with a players turn. I felt could benefit from allowing a two action turn. I feel allowing more than one action could offer us opportunities for better strategy. When a cat would be played down, we’d have it attacked before we could defend it. Perhaps with a two action turn, that does not allow repeat actions, we could begin building a better defense around our herd. With that gripe aside the game is fluent and we ran into no problems with the experience. It was fun seeing reactions to our actions and enjoying the edge-of-the-seat reactions to rolling the dice. This is a directly interactive card game that has you attacking your opponents for the better of your herd. Yes, building your herd is important and the way to win. But watching your opponents struggle with every attempt at attacking or stealing their herd is so much fun. It’s easy to setup and quick to play through. I do find the pacing could be worked on but that goes hand in hand with the one action turn problem I mentioned. Cat Clash card game is a great way to interact with your opponents, play with cats, and fight your way to the top.

You will like this game if you’re a fan of direct take that mechanics  with a semi set-building experience.

You will not like this game if you’re looking for an experience with a bit more strategy.


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