Card Castle Card Game

 Game: Card Castle Time: 15 minutes
 Publisher: Shel Games Players: 2 Players
 Age:12+ Replayability: 6/10

card castle

Card Castle

I think it is safe to say without any credible research that more than half of the world has played war (the card game). The game about collecting as many cards as you can by slapping cards being played. It is almost a classic with poker cards, being able to consume major segments of time while exporting auras of fun. Card Castle by Shel games takes this concept and rolls it up into a castle theme. Each mechanic involved in war now has a notable reason behind it. Doors get “slapped” so they open, shields reflect damage, and heroes have different levels of power. With each hero played and opponent must follow with playing down hero(s) cards that sum up or exceed the value of the previous. A knight of a strength level of 3 can lose to 2 archers, or an archer and a sword carrier. The game includes small twists to the classic like the wizard, which allows a player to take a card at random from an opponent or the dragon wiping the castle clean. Like war, it is simple to play, simple to learn, and can express hours of fun.

To play the game, split the deck among the players. Each player will hold their deck away from them and will peel cards from the top to the table. The game is based off the luck of the draw throughout the game, but will benefit by incorporating memory toward the latter half of the game. Slap the deck for double, doors, and wizards.

My Experience

I played a two player version of this title and felt it was interesting. This was great because the player I introduced to this game has never played a modern tabletop or card game but was very familiar with war. It only took a few minutes to describe the translation of the theme to him. For his first move he played down a knight, I followed by peeling off two archers (SLAP). I grabbed the cards and started the new round. I played a door (SLAP), he collected that card. This continued for a while so I’ll fast forward to the end.

We each had around 10 cards to ourselves. I know he had two shields in a row at some point in the deck, which forces him to play cards again. I had a couple knights and a wizard. My goal was to let him slap the doors while I clean out the rest of his deck, that way I can anticipate the door slap before he does. In the end, I won the match and we noted that it was definitely a fun theme to the classic war.

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of war, then you will like this. It is quick, easy to learn, and fun. It’s is directly interactive and the pacing is quick. I think my favorite design is the way the theme was used with the style of the game. My only issues involved the graphics. I felt some of the cards were very similar in look and color and he found ourselves needing to stop and recollect what just happened. With war, we are used to quick game play and relying on anticipation to force mislaps. It’s the speed of war that creates the tension. With card castle, it’s almost like the artwork is trying to force that anticipation when it should happen naturally from quick game play. But with that aside, it plays like war, it’s quick like war, but adds a theme to give it a fresh look.

You will like this game if you enjoy quick pace card games

You will not like this game if you’re expecting a game with more than one mechanic.