Card Assassins Review and How To

.Game: Card AssassinsTime: 5 (or more)
Players: up to 12Difficulty: low
Age: 14Replay Value: High

Quick summary

Card assassins is a game for up to 12 players that have people trying to assassinate their target player by having them say your chosen kill word from the distributed kill word card.

Card assassins is a card game for up to 12 players. It’s It’s not often at all that we find passive card games. This is a term I made up just now while I searched for the legitimate terminology for these types of games. These are games that don’t play like card games but are… Card games. Card assassin is exactly this.

At a glance

Card assassins come with two types of cards. The character cards and the word cards. The player card has a character on one side and is numbered 1- 12 and on the other side of the card has a list of the other characters in the game. So, for a five-player game draw players 1-5 and randomly give them to players. The backlist represents your assassination. For example. Character 5 looks at the back of his card, find the “for a 5 player game” and becomes familiar with the character he needs to kill.
Each word card has 3 separate words on them for players to choose from. Select a word and try to get your player to say it. If mine was muscle, I’d ask something like “what’s that thing working out builds?”… Obviously, I’m terrible at this game, but you get the idea.
 card assassins

My experience

Honestly, we played this plenty of times. It’s just so easy to bring out and has been played passively in the background throughout our game night. We tried our own variation, removing the assassin character and going on an all-out war of trying to get any player to say our kill word.
I don’t think there was a point during our game nights we didn’t have a kill word in mind. After every kill that player would trade their card out. I do not think that’s how it’s supposed to be played–but definitely kept the gameplay fluid across the other games we were playing.
 2018-07-08 19.40.23

Final thoughts

Card assassins is a game that can always be played. Simply put. It can be played and snuck into conversation always amplifying the amount of fun that is being had when someone gets finger-gun shot.
You will like this game if you want something to could play simultaneously to other games. It’s a quick game to learn.
You will not like this game if you are looking for more of a game less of a game running on the side.

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