Buy the Rights Expansion 80’s

buy the rights expansionBuy the Rights Expansion 80’s

Buy The Rights is the movie making party game where you pitch ideas, to the producer at the time, made out of the four card types you put together (Hero, Genre, Descriptor, and Plot). The game features over 400 cards for you to build your movie out of. These movies could have actors, be as elaborate as to describe the first few minutes, maybe pitch a pilot idea. It’s a lot of fun and available for the whole family. But, for those who grew up enjoying the simply crafted plots and high-concepts of the 80’s can now enjoy a few memorable descriptors and plots brought right out of some of the films we know and love.

buy the rights expansion

Buy The Rights the 80’s Expansion introduces 31 new cards to the Buy the Rights base game. Some cards introduced in the image above include cybernetic hitmen, Ex-cons, sarcastic descriptors, and of course the 80′ action genre! As you can tell this definitely adds a lot of flavor to the base game, and the descriptions themselves aren’t too far off from the base game, so they can easily blend right in with the rest of the cards. I feel as the expansions come out for this game, we will see that they will only enhance the experience through new cards and with a slightly more focused theme depending on what expansion is used. I also enjoy how they identify this expansion with the grey type above the card type.

If you’re looking to get a copy of the Buy the Rights expansion in your hand, buy it here


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