Button Men Beat People Up

Game: Button Men beat people upPlayers: 2
Time: 5 minutesAge: 12
Difficulty: EasyReplay Value: medium

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Button Men

Button men is a 2 player card game putting you and your opponent against each other in a quick all out dice battle. This can be done with 5 minutes or less by beginning the round with rolled dice and capturing lower number dice via power and skill attacks. It’s a neat two player game because of its pacing and accessibility, easy to learn and to play.

The game comes with button men characters with their dice equipment and lore to drive the story on the back, a variety of dice white and black varying from D4 to D20. I use black to represent the special dice and the white for normal dice. Let’s check it out. 

Likes and Not Likes

I enjoy the simplicity to this game. The newspaper themed rulebook has more story driven context than gameplay, to break it down for you. Large numbers beat low numbers. Some die have special abilities depending on what city they are from. Each character is unique in illustrations and seem to take on some role in this all out mafia war via the story on the backside of the cars. There is always a winner and everything is pretty straightforward as far as which dice to use, which dice are special, how the game plays, etc. 

Typically a game that is reliant on cards only and has a lot of uniqueness to it can mix up pacing a bit,  I love that even with a large number of unique characters, the game is pretty straightforward. Really getting down the unitive feel of character, roll, battle. 

I don’t like how die bulky this game is. I’m not a big fan of a lot of dice because of how messy it looks holding a giant bag of dice. It’s more of the appeal versus the actual gameplay but it’s enough to make me think twice before pulling it out for a two player game. 

Another reason I’d sit and contemplate is that of the balance with characters. I’m not sure if there really is a strategy to the game besides the minor skill attacks to press your reroll luck. But that’s just it. It’s luck.  

Unfortunate meh of this game is how awful the feeling can get when a player has unfortunately rolled low numbers compared to the other player’s high numbers and just sits and waits as his body gets torn to pieces by all the different sided dice. 

barkers row

Final Thoughts

it’s great for its quick gameplay and lore. Diving into these busy streets of dice rolling. With so many unique characters and unique stories, the replay value is up there. Multiple rounds can create a sense of urgency to win when you take into consideration your KDR. I do think the game is too luck heavy and most games already have a winner or loser by the first roll. But hey, I’m still playing it to this day so that speaks volumes I’m sure.

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