Business Cards Card Game

Game: Business cards Card Games
Publisher: Three of us Both
Players: 3- 6


Business Cards Card Game

If you don’t know, now you will; the business is downsizing and rumors hint of promoting only one employee and firing the rest. I guess it’s time to knock everyone else off the corporate ladder as you climb your way to the top! Your boss, John Johnson, Enjoys this power he has Business Cards Card Gameover his employment and is going to make sure the players aren’t taking an easy route. He’ll be standing over all you as you throw ideas around and collecting supplies to increase your value. This is Business Cards Card Game.

The game is a lot of fun which increases with more players. It’s very straight to the point with the boss acting as a variant in the game. You’ll be discarding cards to collect enough supplies in order to play cards and collect points. This may seem a bit repetitive but each action played adds a tactical twist to the round. These cards can create the break between winning or losing. Employee cards can cause other players to take one less action, play cards that cost no supplies’, or draw three cards. Not to mention the boss is an active player in the game, using actions such as: switching the deck and discard pile, taking away an action from each employee, or preventing us from doing anything more than drawing cards.

Business Cards Card Game Separate the cards into three categories: Ideas, Supplies, and boss cards. Shuffle and deal three idea cards and three supplies’ cards to each player. Place the boss card upright in the box. He’ll be watching over you all like a hawk. Their are three actions available to take on your turn. You may do two of the following three actions: Draw an idea card, discard an idea card for two supplies’ cards, or place and idea card out to score for points (which will cost supplies). The boss will be playing cards of his own too. His actions may be immediate or last through the round. When it comes to his turn, draw a card and lay it in front of the boss with the boss actions facing everyone. The game ends when the boss has no more actions. Count your value and be promoted. Oh, once you’re done celebrating, go ahead and fire everyone else, they were too busy playing this Business Cards Card Game. Thank you. You can find the kickstarter here


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