Bucket of Doom

Game: Bucket of Doombucket of doom

Developer: Big Potato Games

Players: +3

When shit hits the fan you need a plan. Bucket of Doom is a party game of elaborate death evading party game for +3 people. Players must find ways to defy a plethora of bucket of doombad situations with the help of hundreds of objects. What would you do if you’re in a shark-proof cage surrounded by Great Whites and the door swings open and falls off? Maybe you’ve fallen into a pit of Velociraptors– move a muscle and they all wake up. What would you do then? Cheese grate them to death? Toss a mousetrap at them for a distraction?

The game of Bucket of Doom is simple. Begin by separating 8 object cards per player. Have someone draw a situation card available for everyone to see. When you have a plan ready– you and your chosen object begin verbally illustrating your exit. Whether you own a pirates parrot, or a Message in a bottle, you must conjure together an appropriate escape plan that is not only viable, but is great enough to sell to the rest of the players. Sell a story that will be voted for by your opponents (because you can’t vote for yourself) because that is where you’ll reel in the points.bucket of doom

This game is designed to appeal to those who love the player choice and voting option. I think what gives this party game the edge over others is the story telling mechanic. The personality in the cards translated by each player gives the game a nice unique edge that offers a replay value that will never drain its novelty. Bucket of Doom presents itself in a Bucket… of Doom, the visceral design promises players that Big Potato Games puts work and effort into their craft. The product pleases the theme as well as adds to the attraction.

I have to give it to Bucket of Doom for adding more innovation into the party game genre. The progress for adult games has grown a million miles from where it started and we must thank Bucket of Doom for carrying it even further from that. Recommended? Let’s just say, if I was exploring the deep ocean in a submarine I built in my garage and water begins seeping in (a card in the game), I’d probably use a police megaphone to verbally S.O.S. Amazon to send me this game so I can laugh a few times before I become food to the Jaguar Shark (a movie reference, guess the movie and I’ll personally tell you “you’re awesome.”).

bucket of doombucket of doom


Joseph Nicholas

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