Broken Window Studios: Updates on our Friends

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Broken Window Studios

Every so often I need to show love to my friends over on the electronic side of our medium for fun a year ago I was able to demo and review a story driven video game titled Reflections, everything you interact with comes to life with color, representing an impact on your story that has been made. How or what you interact with will steer your story to new levels and offer new experiences. Reflections won the Global VR Challenge at an event in Shanghai, China at the end of last month. This is the first time that Reflections has received this type of international recognition. Reflections was selected from over 200 participants as the Grand Prize winner and was showcased at ChinaJoy, which was pretty exciting and different for a team from Arizona. Very exciting stuff.

Our friends over at Broken Window Studios has been working on a spookier twist toward a story driven design. Grave, a game that takes VR horror to the next level. With desolate dark locations and defending with nothing more than a few options–survive. There seems to be a lot to interact with, like building fires, holding pipes, and interacting with the world. With the VR proponent, I promise you this will be one terrifying experience. Very excited to see what’s to come! (I’ll also be demoing it soon and will post updates).


Joseph Nicholas

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