Brewhaha Board games and Brews Kickstarter

  • What is the game about?

BrewhahaThe game is all about bringing together beer, friends, and all the best beer tasting notes we’ve ever heard. Your task is to combine them to create your own hilarious, accurate, or just plain ridiculous beer descriptions. Your party just got MAD HOPS!

  • How do you play? 

Call some friends over and have them each bring an interesting beer, or play at a brewery with a flight of local brews. The game comes with 400 cards ranging from serious to “creative” beer tasting notes – players draw 8 cards, then sample the first beer. They then piece their cards together to create a description of what they taste. The  the “Brewmaster,” or judge of the round awards 1 point for the description they like best and 1 point for the description they deem most accurate.

Brewhaha Victory dances commence and the winning players receive bottle cap tokens to denote their points. Then it’s on to the next round, and the next beer to try.

When you run out of beer, move on to the “Character Assassination” round where, instead of describing a beer, you describe each player as if THEY were a beer. The same rules apply – you can use up to 4 cards, and the person being described is the “Brewmaster.” They will read aloud all the submissions about them, and award 2 points: 1 to the description they like the best, and 1 to the description they deem most accurate. Go around until everyone has had a turn to hear their “beer personalities.” We hope this doesn’t ruin any friendships!

When the beer’s gone dry and every player has been described as if they were a beer, tally up the points. The player with the most bottle caps is declared the BREWMASTER OF THE UNIVERSE and is expected to seal their victory with a grand toast!

  • Anything you’d like to add about the game, development, or kickstarter?

This has been a very fun project for us to bring together two of our favorite things: games and craft beer! Brew Ha Ha! is our own home-brewed creation and our dream is to see people playing it at breweries all over the country. We hope it brings people together to have a little fun, and try new and interesting craft beers. Our goal is to raise $15,000 to get the game produced and we’re nearly half-way there. You can get one of the first copies at Kickstarter and help us make our Saison wishes and IPA dreams come true!


Joseph Nicholas

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