Breaker Blocks

 Game: Breaker Blocks Players: 2
 Publisher: Spriteborne Age: 8+
 Time: 10- 30 minutes
Breaker Blocks

breaker blocks

Breaker Blocks is a 2 player puzzle tile game by Spriteborne. I was absolutely caught of guard by Breaker Blocks the moment I opened the bag. I poured out what seemed to be some of the top quality blocks I’ve ever seen in a game. Breaker Blocks delivered some beautifully cut wooden puzzle cubes laminated and dyed either deep blue, black, breaker blocksor golden orange. Now, I opened the bag before I read the rules so I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of pieces I saw fall out of the bag; blue and orange cubes numbered 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s accompanied by black cubes with different configured arrows. I quickly opened the rule book and began skimming. The rules of the game were very straight to the point and attracted the purest form of strategy. You begin by laying down the black roman numeral 3 block which will be the starting block for both players (each player splits the sides in half). The point of the game is to acquire a higher sum amount of points on each roman numeral block by playing your colored cubes. Each turn you can take 2 of 3 actions: draw (from your color pile or the black action pile), play, or rearrange. Each block is puzzle shaped so you may or may not be able to link other puzzle pieces to it. Connecting puzzles make your roman numeral a higher number equating to being the winner at the moment. Win the game by playing 2 of the 4-arrows-toward-the-center black blocks.

The board game was actually really satisfying as a 2 player tile game. It wasn’t too demanding, so that allowed us a nice breaker blocksconversation about the development of big games in tiny boxes, while incorporating a nice Take That! experience with the use of an black action tile. The anticipation to get back to your turn is equivalent to the anticipation of watching your opponent take their turn. For example, I’d have a whopping 7 points on numeral 3, where my opponent would play  a black action that deletes one of my blocks from play–concluding in them winning the higher sum on numeral 3.

I think my only complaint is related to the quality of the blocks. Pulling the pieces apart is a hassle. As you list a block, you’ll be lifting the entire puzzle up instead of one of the cubes. This could get troublesome when you have 7 or 8 blocks tied together; since the cubes puzzle aspect is as durable as the pieces, you need a levelled lift in order to get the piece out without pulling everything else up with it. With that said, the game is definitely a lot of fun.

breaker blocks


Joseph Nicholas

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