Brawl Stars BEGINNER tips and tricks

Brawl Stars BEGINNER tips and tricks

This post will be a simple and helpful tip to gain trophies faster progress faster learn a bit about the brawlers and all-around play better. The front page has the player selection, trophy road which unlocks characters and brawl boxes, each character has their own trophy system on top of the main trophy system and upgrade system for tokens. keep in mind, similar to clash, losing matches loses trophies, this time for character AND overall rank. there is a level system as well.


movement is relatively simple with a joystick style control on the left and a joystick control on the right for both the special and the regular movement. i know there’s an auto aim function but as you progress i’d highly advise against it only because it’ll hinder your performance against mid to long range– id argue short range might have a decent need for auto and especially during get-away defenses.

The special–it is absolutely important to time those right. I’d say for,
for example, poco (Rare character) would be a waste to use his healing ability without needing to heal anyone. or brock or dynamike– both having some extremely heavy supers that offer a lot of splash damage. not good for singleplayer uses.

each mode will change daily but let’s focus on gems. some brawl modes are showdowns which is a duo royale style game so it’s about learning the characters and different strategy, so ill focus on the first event i was learning my strategy in, and after this video–that play style should be helpful in other events–from my experience.

Level and Game

the gems push out every 7- 8 seconds

tall grass helps you hide.

you can auto heal when out of damage for a few seconds.

tall grass hides your character unless your shoot or are damaged.

never play safe defense. i prefer safe offense.


The strategy for Brawl Stars in this game is to play more offensively than defensively. play more stealthy than loud. It also asks for a lot of team strategy. Players are weak by themselves and having a good circle shape strategy is what will help you push to those first 200 or 300 trophies. the circle strategy is having one player behind to players at all time with the two players having enough distance between each other to avoid splash damage characters.  the gems are pushed through the middle of the map so staying back will only hinder your performance.

Never venture too far away from your team. if you are looking for a kill and its risk factor plays too high–ignore it. losing 3 gems over one player is a huge loss which could potentially lead to their win.

speaking of which, there should always be a teammate who takes the damage. by that  mean have two players collect gems while the other plays the offensive stealth

once your team has managed to grab 10 gems. take a look at the opponent’s gems, there’s a high possibility your team can fall back and defend each other.even if they stay by the gems to catch if the gems pop out every 7-8 seconds than you can expect only 2 more may come out while your team defends. if they’re at 7 or less gems that could be a bit risky, but 5 or less gems you don’t need to worry about what they collect.

Other Games

Other modes in Brawl Stars will unlock the more trophies you will eventually unlock showdown maps which are 5 teams in a royal style game mode which can be played solo or duo. Hideout, where you gather the most stars until the timer runs out. Each game plays and feels rather similar in playstyle but play very different in strategy. but as long as you play safe offense, and learned a bit or two from this video. you’ll see that 200 trophies in no time.