Bottom of the 9th Baseball Game Review

 Game: Bottom of the 9th Players: 1- 2
 Publisher: Dice Hate me Games Age: 13+
 Time: 30 minutes Replayability: 7.5/10

bottom of the 9th Bottom of the 9th Baseball Game Review

Imagine a crowd cheering, popcorn flying around, the heat of the sun beating down emphasizing waves of heat between the stress of the final out and the bottom of the last inning. The pitch, a quick low and away throw expecting to be the final strike ending the game. Nope, the batter crushes it! Home-run sending home both him and player on second. Crowd goes wild as the runners bring it in and ending the game 2-0.

Bottom of the 9th is a little board game for two players which is reenacting the final outs of a game of baseball. Each player takes on the roles of the pitcher and the batters. Begin by drafting your teams and collecting your components. The pitcher will be throwing pitches based on a couple dice rolls and a set of abilities comprised of two throwing options high/low and inner/away. The batter will too be rolling a dice and guessing the pitches ability choices. If the batters guesses are correct, abilities are unlocked. Depending on the pitchers roll, whatever the batter rolls indicates whether it’s a hit, strike, or a ball.

It’s a fun way to play baseball while having incorporated board game things like player abilities that can be unlocked and having little baseball player meeples. The board is a nice laminated hard cardboard that was the initial interest peaker for me. It’s small box makes it an easy travel game and it’s simple rules do make it a fun filler. I do notice I am constantly checking my rulebook for dice roll hits, balls, or strikes. I find that that may be the most difficult part of the game to get down. (or It could just be me).

bottom of the 9thMy Experience

To begin our experience, we complimented our gameplay with a youtube video of baseball sound recordings (crowds cheering, cliche baseball songs, so forth..) to really develop an immersion. I loved the components and the cards design so much. I think the cards really help create the immersion along with the little baseball fields and the little baseball player meeples.

I began as the pitcher and went against my brother as the batters. I threw a couple balls by activating my inner/away token (because my brother didn’t guess that one correctly) to lowering my dice roll outcome by one in order to have my brother miss the swing.

Three outs later (because my pitcher is amazing) it was my turn at bat. I continued to guess my brothers pitches and managed to get a few of my players on base. Unfortunately, my brothers pitching ability outweighs my batting (his rolls were phenomenal rolls) and left me with three outs. It’s now over-time, brothers at bat. Player one first, player on second, and then.. somehow.. home-run. It’s over. He won. I turn off the baseball sounds–and begin crying.

Final thoughts

Bottom of the 9th is a great little game for two players. It has really great components that do a fantastic job immersing players into the baseball theme. It’s a very directly interactive experience with two players as you are both pitching and batting off of each other while trying to guess each players next move. I would say it’s simple to learn and I love how they have translated baseball into analog game.

You will like this game if you’re a fan of baseball, the way they build the 9th innings into a full length game is great. If you want, you can always either get yourself going into overtime, or start from inning 1.

You will not like this game if you don’t like baseball. If you can get past the theme, this is only a 1 or 2 player game. I also think the few components they throw in like the guessing and the play abilities may turn some off.



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