Boss Monster: Tools of Hero Kind

boss monsterBOSS MONSTER: TOOLS OF HERO KIND is the first expansion for the dungeon-building game BOSS MONSTER and offers a whole new level of difficulty as well as strategy. Keeping with the retro video game theme, Tools of Hero Kind comes in a box that bares striking resemblance to a Gameboy Advance game box. The expansion contains four new advanced room cards, 2 new spell cards, and the main component of the expansion, 20 item cards that are used by the adventurers as they go through your dungeon.

Playing with the expansion is really simple. Each round when the heroes come into town you draw one item card and attach it the first hero with a matching Treasure icon. If no hero has a matching Treasure icon, the item remains in town until such a hero comes to town (this means that there can be multiple heroes with items each round).


Items also add a new strategy aspect to Boss Monster with player being able to take and use items after defeating a hero. These items can be used offensively (to help a hero make it through another player’s dungeon) or defensively (to make your dungeon stronger). However, players can only have one item in their scorekeeping area at a time so the strategy comes from deciding which item to keep and when toboss monster play it.

Final Thought- Tools of Hero Kind spices up the heroes while adding a new layer of depth, strategy, and difficulty to the Boss Monster base game. The cards art work is hilariously wacky and harkens players back to the video games they grew up playing. Tools of Hero Kind is a must have expansion for any Boss Monster fan. Find the game HERE



Alex James

Gaming has always been one of his strongest passions. Favorite mechanics include hand management, worker placement, set collecting, and card drafting.

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