Boogers Card Game: Flick and Eat Your Way to Victory Review

 Game: Boogers Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Xion Productions Time: 10 minutes
 Age: 6+ replayability: 5/10

boogers card gameBoogers card game

Boogers is a card game that correctly establishes the bond we privately have with our nose. Of course we’ve all done a pick and flick some time in our life. As well as given our little friends a quick taste to see what the fuss is about. But, like every form of art, why not make something of this concept?  This orginal idea was developed by Nick Coyour, Xion Productions, who typically implements very little mechanics and components into playable card games. Which I think is fantastic. Minimal game designs are interesting because we can see how a fully functional card game can be consolidated into just a few mechanics and components. Back in September of 2015, we all helped Nick fund his project for ‘The Maze‘. A card game about setting and twisting cards in order to complete a maze. Nick is back with Boogers, a very simple and easy to learn board game for practically all ages. Begin by handing each player a card. By taking turns, each player will draw a card, and play a card. These cards will represent eating boogers (for green booger pieces) or flicking them at opponents (to give them red booger pieces). First to a formatted amount of boogers decided by player count wins!

Game Experience

I played a 3 player version of this Boogers card game. this meant  one of us must either collect 6 green boogers or avoid collecting 6 red boogers. Our experience was quite fast and was reliant heavily on luck of the draw. I began by starting off with a handkerchief card, which is the only action card type in the game. We all alternatingly drew booger cards that gave us green boogers. Third player received the special card (runny booger) which granted him +1 green booger and a +1 red booger to any opponent. Of course, I was the player who received said red booger. I noticed my supply of red boogers was reaching an uncomfortably high number (4). So I threw in the towel–I mean Handkerchief. I was protected for 1 turn of any flicked boogers. Which worked out in my favor because player 2 played a runny booger as well, ending up giving player 3 the red booger which was “going to go to you until you got lucky”.  In the end I lost, 2nd player won by collecting the most green boogers and 3rd player was knocked out by too many red boogers.

Final Thoughts

I must say, the Boogers card game is absolutely simple. 18 cards with some repeating images. The action card and special card are represented by 1 type. The flow of the game is draw and play, and the strategy is mostly held within luck of the draw. The flavor text is humorous and I bet my nephew will absolutely love this game (can’t wait for our next family gathering). I gave this card game a 5/10 only because of lack of content. I feel that the game moves fluidly, it isn’t broken in anyway, it just could do a little more. It could benefit with another action type, possibly a draw two keep one, or something along the lines of this. Also, without any variable strategy, I feel like winners could be seen early in the game. However, It IS definitely a great filler game and is really easy to play. This can be played within any setting and with any type of player. I love the red and green gems that represent the boogers and think they are a great component choice. I don’t hate it. It was fun and mindless. Definitely caters to a younger audience.

You will like this game if you want something extremely simple to learn and great for all ages. It’s dirty sense of humor and easy-to-play concept makes this a great filler.

You will not like this game if you want something that expands farther than 3 card types and 2 actions.boogers card game


Joseph Nicholas

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