Bon Appetit: Who Has the Steak? Review

 Game: Bon Appetit Players: 2- 6
 Publisher: Avant Garde Games Time: 15 minutes
 Age: 12+ Replayability: 7.5/10

 bon appetit card gameBon Appetit: Who Has the Steak? Review

Bon appetit blends a bit of take that with an original concept on this new card game by Avant Garde Games. I find that this game does a great job including various forms of action in order to keep the flow of play entertaining. The rules are fairly simple to comprehend and follow a nice organized flow elaborating on setup through turn sequence and finishing with endgame results. Any card concerns can be answered toward the end of the rulebook where we’ll see a consolidation of each card and their action. The design follows that of a high scale restaurant incorporating the darker array of browns to compliment the dim light setting at a steak restaurant. I found this title to be functional and quite fun. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time away from the more dense games you may have and enjoy some light-hearted competition with some quality content and production value.

Gameplay is simple, you want to collect three steaks from your opponents in order to win. You will deal out five cards to each player in the game and lay the remainder in the center of the playing field. On your turn you will be either playing tableware cards that add up to seven in order to force a steak out of the chosen players hand, you will play a character card in order to take the played cards action, you can discard one to draw one, or you can pass your turn. While there are a few minor rules to abide by that involved how we can access the steak. The game seems very accessible for any crowd and great for gatherings of up to six players.

My Experience

I played Bon Appetit with four other players. I was dealt a hand including salt and pepper (2), silverware (3), drinks (4), a maitre D (all players rotate their hands to the left), and a steak. I played by the sum of seven (drinks and silverware) to randomly call out a player for their steak. To my surprise, I received a steak. “One down, two to go,” I think to myself as the player to my left reveals a chicken having him and another opponent simultaneously swap a card. The player to his left also played a set of seven and asked me if I had a steak–I did. This is where things got crazy in Bon Appetit. So, the fourth player played a server card on player three, this card has the scored steak card go into the hand of the scored owner (player three now has his scored steak in his hand; no longer scoring that steak). I was so excited, everyone could tell I was going to play something big. I played the Maitre D’ which made everyone rotate their hand of cards to the left. No one understood why I was so excited about that (while I did end up getting a steak in my hand, unfortunately), I was mostly excited by the combination of cards I just saw happen. It revealed to me how calculating this title can actually get during gameplay.

Skip down a couple plays and I feel most players have forgotten that the returned steak card is no in the hands of the opponent to the left of me. I played by seven and received his steak which ultimately ended the game with me victorious. I had three steaks almost losing with everyone else holding at least one steak. It was a very exciting game and I think my group enjoyed this title. This group was made up of co-workers and one gamer by default(because her boyfriend plays board games). They seem to understand the system of the card game and were able to get through a single playthrough fluently with no hiccups.

bon appetit card gameFinal Thoughts

This title is a very interactive card game that has you constantly waving your cards in the faces of others attempting to steal their steak. I think you will find it most fun with more than two players, but I’m sure it’s functional at the minimum player count needed. It has a fluid pacing as each player has just a few options per turn and nothing seems to drag. While it’s competitive, I don’t see it as anything more than light-hearted, although the tension was noticeable toward the later half of the game. I do think there is a nice amount of replayability in Bon Appetit and I find this is from its quick gameplay and simple rules. I love the atmosphere the cards create with its color palette and the artwork complements its theme well.

You will like this game if you want a card game that is quick and competitive. If you enjoy stealing from players, this is your choice of game.

You will not like this game if you want a game with density, don’t enjoy take that actions, and hate restaurants.


Joseph Nicholas

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