Top Board games for 2 2019

I want to simply place 4 games I enjoyed for 2 players throughout my years. Some newer than others. Each of these games plays different from the next and range in a variety of time lengths. I chose these games because I have gone through a lot of different experiences with some lasting longer than others. So I want to share which game I would still play with another player since our starts in 2015.

Circle the Wagon

A super quick/light/micro game for 2 players. You are looking to build your boom town. Each player takes turns choosing a card from a central deck or passing it on to the other player. Each card will puzzle into other collected cards to score points. The point system is based on the size of the biggest terrain as well as unique scoring from goal cards. It’s easy to learn and fun to play.


A light 2 player board game about quilting together a puzzle of buttons and fabrics. It’s like a tetris style experience while trying to maximize the number of buttons you have in your collection. You have rotating quilts to ensure each turn is different from the last with a variety of odd shapes and sizes to try to fit into your board. It can be taught quickly and played often.


A great 2 player card game with unique built decks that have no need for deck building. Each assembled deck has a collection of cards from 3 of the houses which will also be how you play the game. Activating houses gives you the choice to use cards from that specific house. Collecting ember and stack keys to win. 

Star Realms

For a bit of a heavier experience–this deck building game takes on outer space. The game has you make use of different ships and bases from 5 factions. Each faction has a slight leverage in battle rather you want quick attacks, stronger defense, or better life gain. I love this game and would rank it in top 5 favorite games–and it has been for quite some time.


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