Best Board Game Post of the Week #3

board game post of the week

Best Board Game Post of the Week #3

Best Boardgame Posts and I really enjoyed how our first post went. We are excited to keep this thing going! So on to week three, like we said last week the imagery and representation of board gaming are important. What better way to capture the beauty of analog gaming than to snap a photo of it? What makes a good shot and why does this matter? We want a photo that has a composition that draws in the viewer, broad underlying colors and contrasts to heighten the detail. We look for images that have that initial popping look. Once we have found it, we need detail to the shapes, colors, and balances in order to continue our interest. We want the little details that add structure to the shot. We want a photo that makes us forget what the subject even is so we can appreciate the contribution of the image itself. No distractions, visible punchlines, nice color, and most importantly, creative life through lighting. Why is this important? Aside from gameplay and functionality, board gaming is a visual hobby. We play with our eyes as much as our hands and brain. We enjoy the crisp artwork and we love a quality design.

Today’s board game post of the week is taken by @Boardgamia.



I really enjoy what this captures. We can start with color; there is so much variety of hues and tones illustrating different components of this title. It’s noticeable that each color seems to articulate a certain genre. Boardgamia did a nice job creating an image that can capture so much in one shot. The coin components, the detail of the cards, the rulebook, and the box are all visible in this piece. This is definitely one of those photos that make me curious about the game. I have never played Ghost Stories but wow it looks so cool. Thanks Boardgamia!


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