Bloodborne The board game

Bloodborne the board game is brought to life in an awesome collection of miniatures. The game will be including 4 hunters, 28 monsters, and 5 bosses. It will also include a huge versatile build with 20 tiles, and hundreds of cards for upgrades, consumables, chapters, and enemy stats.

This is a new game developed by Michael Shinall and Eric Lang. They are developers that brought us Dark Age and Blood Rage respectively. Bloodborne will be for 1- 4 player and will have players explore the world of Yharnam. Beasts and monsters run this town so do everything you can to survive.

In the game you will be expected to explore one of the 4 different campaigns. Each campaign, most importantly, will contain unique content and varying enemy behaviors. Players will be fighting monsters with decision driven combat giving this game a great strategic edge.

If you are looking for a strong heavy hitter for a solid game group, keep an eye open for the retail release of this title. Bloodborne, a fantastic ps4 game, brought to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Information found on Bloodborne the board game their kickstarter