Black Sands Kickstarter Area Skirmish Hero Battle

black sands kickstarter

Black Sands Kickstarter Area Skirmish Hero Battle

Whats the game about?

black sands kickstarterBlack Sands is a fantasy arena game for 2-4 players. Players control heroes sent into the Black Sands, a vast expanse of obsidian desert between two kingdoms. One of the kingdoms has been brutally defeated in the north, and attempts to flee into the untouched lands south of the Black Sands. The gameplay focuses on the skirmishes between groups of scouts, one searching for a way through the unnatural terrain and the other attempting to keep the unwelcome intruders back as a greater threat looms in the north.

How does it play?

Black Sands is a brutal, realistic combat game that plays in 20-40 minutes. Players prepare defensive cards to different sides of their hero, and then maneuver around enemies and terrain to make massive attacks. Damage is high, and there are no dice rolls. All valid attacks will hit unless the target is specifically prepared to defend themselves. Blocks, dodges, and counterattacks combine for interesting counterplay.

How did it become a vision to your team?

My personal background is a combination of PC gaming and real life medieval fighting. I’ve been doing archery for about 13 years and I am an instructor certified to train instructors. Additionally, I spent some time as an amateur blacksmith crafting armor for SCA fighting. Imagine LARP, but with real armor and thick wooden swords that can leave some hefty bruises. I’ve always enjoyed skill-based games, and find randomized aspects of combat to be disappointing. In Black Sands, when you die you usually know exactly where you went wrong.

Professionally, I am a packaging engineer with a background in print production and a B.S. in industrial Design. Black Sands is the combination of my real life, professional, and design experience.

Black Sands Kickstarter 


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