BitBox Game Storage

bitbox game storageThe Bit Box Game Storage

The BitBox Game Storage  is designed by the team at Game-Ovations is fantastic. How they put it it’s “The future of board game storage. A space saving, easy traveling, super affordable, board game storage solution.” With over 2,000 pledges the Bitbox came to life. You have options including combining or single-handedly owning a bitbox storage, the bitbox storage portable or just grabbing hold of some of the add-ons like additional cases and such.

My Experience

The bitbox game storage is one of the most effective utilities I’ve witnessed in board gaming (which isn’t a lot) since the broken token’s game inserts. As someone who does not have a lot of access to space in my room, my board games easily take up a quarter of the free space available in my room. When I tried out the Bit Box I was instantly stoked to clear up some of my space. I was able to put away a lot of my smaller card games into a couple of the bit box storage cases which cleared up a few of my shelves for larger games or game that are played more often. I was also able to clean up some of my games that tend to get messy during storage (Tokaido, takenoko, sheriff of Nottingham, Five Tribes) which makes the board games portable and more organized. Yes, so the boxes are nice to have, so they are now decorated across the walls hanging on thumbtacks and adding a lot of personality to my once neutral green walls.


Joseph Nicholas

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