Birds and Squirrels Board Game Preview

birds and squirrels

What’s the game about and how do you play?

Birds and Squirrels is just like watching birds on a powerline but, a game. You take turns flipping cards over onto your perch/powerline.  Once you have a full perch of cards you may count the birds up and add them to your score. Watch out for hawks that chase everyone’s birds away and squirrels that run just your own birds away. After filling a line with bird cards and empty cards you can take your score as it stands or tries to fill in the empty card spots with more birds. You do run the risk of getting a squirrel or a hawk, though. After a line is successfully cleared pick up another card to get going, add your points to your score and, then it is the next player’s turn again. The game is over when someone reaches a set number of points. I generally play to 30 but you can play to whatever you want.

Who is this game for?

This game can be played to help bridge language gaps between people who have not yet learned to speak each other’s languages, it can be used for people with developmental problems, or it can just pass a good night with some family or friends. This little guy loves to party.unnamed-1