In a Bind: The Twister for Cards

 Game: In a Bind Time: 15 minutes
 Publisher: Self-Published Age: 5+
 Players: 3- 10 players Replayability: 7/10

in a bindIn a Bind: The Twister for Cards

In a Bind blends the idea of Twister with a huge collection of cards. Each card  in In a Bind describes a new way to interact with your card. These hand drawn cards have a visual representation of players leaving a card on their forearm for the remainder of the game, having your upper teeth visible until the end, and so forth. I think it’s great for any age because of how simple the game plays and how quick the experience can be. The concept is unique because of it’s twister translation to a card game and how developed the concept of the respective is. The rules are simple, draw a card and do what the card says until the game is over. The game ends when a player can no longer do what the card(s) say. It’s functional, it’s produced with hand-illustrated art, and it fits nice and snug inside of a hand-drawn box.

My Experience

I played with two more players and we jumped into the experience right away. My first card was left thumb in the air, this was an easy rule because I could still play using my index and middle finger. My opponent draws a card and for the remainder of the game, must have both their hands touching. The following opponent has to have their right thumb facing down. This draw and act continued until about halfway through the game when the opponent to my right had a card touching their nose, being balanced by his right thumb down. The right thumb down hand was also balancing a card on his eyebrow and his ear. He had a card laying on his left shoulder and forearm. Sadly enough, the card ending the game for him was the left palm down card which pretty much destroyed his mobility.

in a bindFinal Thoughts

This is a fun card game for a large group of players. While not directly interactive, the experience shared is a lot of fun and can share laughs with some, and mumbles with others (who may not have the freedom to laugh at the moment). There is no learning curve because each card visually interprets the rules and because of it’s large number of rules, there is a lot of replay value available for In a Bind. Quick pacing compliments the quick gameplay and the time to setup is as simple as shuffling the deck and laying it face down. Some of the cards could come off as padding, being the right-hand actions will be always be seen as left hand actions as well, it does add for some complicated gameplay, I just wish we saw those cards being used for different actions.

You will like this game if you enjoy party games that have you physically interactive.

You will not like this game if you don’t want to interact with yourself, and you don’t want to draw and play cards.


Joseph Nicholas

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