Bet the Games: Interacting While Watching Sports

 Game: Bet the Games Time: length of sports game
 Publisher: Self-Published Age: 18+
 Players: 2- 5 Replayability: 7.5/10

Bet the Games: Interacting While Watching Sports

Bet the Games if a fun way to interact with watching sports. Each card available in the game represents an action taken by the players. Whether you hold a ‘homerun’ card or a ‘touchdown’ card, you are looking to score points based on the big leagues influence. Keep in mind, you need to be watching either football or baseball in order to play this game. Bet the Games is so compact of the a title you will find it easy to carry it around, so why not bring it to a live sports game? The game comes with three decks including play cards, turn cards, and game cards. The experience is very easily to begin. Provide an ante for all players to match (whether it be money, first turn in a game, who buys the next game night game, etc.). When the play or down (baseball or football) is completed, the player holding the card that corresponds to the action taken in the sports game wins. An example would be if I was holding the QB run card, and the quarterback ran the ball that down–I’d win. Every down and play can either reshuffle the cards or not.

I enjoy that each card takes advantage of dual sides. Whether you are watching baseball or football, you will turn your card in the direction of the correlating sport. I love the look and feel of the cards. Each of them rounded at the edges and supplied with a unique whimsical artwork. This is an original concept for a card game and blends the concept of wagering to the experience for something new. The rules are very clear and quick to get through and the game comes equipped in a plastic case, which is really easy to lug around in your pocket. It’s a functional card game with a lot of promise to sports viewers.

Final Thoughts

This game doesn’t need any directly interactive experiences to be a fun game. It’s something that adds to the experience of watching a sport game so it isn’t something to bring along to game night for a nice filler. The game is easy to play so it’s something anyone can try out. Something you may want to bring to your next sports night with the family or your friends. My family is huge in baseball, so they enjoy grabbing a card every so often and seeing if they win. I enjoy the artwork and the concept. It is a great idea to have something added to the viewing of sports games and would recommend it to anyone who loves their American pass time.