Battle Gnomes! On Kickstarter

battle gnomes

What is the game? Battle Gnomes!

How do you play? This is a card game where you recruit gnomes to battle (by drafting) throughout the game. You can then give them weapons and defense items, and put yard items out to protect yourself. On your turn, you can choose to add more items to your gnomes, or recruit new gnomes, or send your gnomes to battle with other gnomes! The first player to defeat three gnomes wins the game. The game is 2-6 players and takes about an hour to play.

What to expect on the Kickstarter?

On the Kickstarter, we are providing the game at a reduced cost and free U.S. shipping! There are multiple reward levels such as the digital option or the deluxe version of the game. There will be items and cards for the game that only show up for this initial production run done for the Kickstarter.

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Anything else you’d like to say?

This game is appropriate for all audiences. Adults enjoy it, kids enjoy it, and families can play it together. It has a low-medium complexity level so novice and experienced game players can play. More information about it can be found at Battle Gnomes .


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