Barkers Row

Game: Barkers RowPlayers: 2- 4
Time: 30 minutesAge:  12+
Difficulty: easyReplay Value: lower

barkers row

Barker’s Row

Come one come all to the epic gateway event of the century. Barkers row is an extremely easy game of carnival barking and attracting meeples to your show. 2-4 players best past 2 compete to get the greatest attractions into their set and to be the first person with 13 meeples in their stands. This can happen in a liberal 30 minutes and is great for all casual and moderately new gamers. I’d even argue could be a fun filler for seasons gamers. 

Likes and don’t likes. 

Right off the bat the artwork is fantastic and is what really drew me in at the beginning. I love the carnival theme and think it’s is the perfect fit for the gameplay. I like the game experience and how well the game incorporated thematic concepts into the game such as the midway or how he attractions work. I love The strongman bell translation of the scoring system. I love how easy it is and just available it is for anyone. Higher player count removes the predictability a bit. Don’t like that there is not much of a push-pull gameplay as far as game depth. You learn the mechanics and that’s really it, it just starts playing doesn’t get much deeper than that. 

I mentioned earlier payer count, The game does seem to tire out with a low player count, the gameplay is straightforward and predictable.

barkers row

Final Thoughts

All in all, I’m really excited to own Barker’s Row. Maybe it’s the honeymoon I have with the theme. But a lot of what I do is help NHC’s become real seasoned roasts and to do that I need to teach. This game is so straightforward and such a fun theme that I can’t argue this isn’t a good game for that 


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