Balloon Pop Tmg Dice Rolling Game

 Game: Balloon Pop Players: 1 +
 Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games Time: 10 minutes
 Age: 14+ Replayability: low

balloon popBalloon Pop Tmg Dice Rolling Game

Balloon pop is a quick dice rolling experience for one or more players. Being equipped with five dice, a pencil, and a card of balloon stacks to fill up, you are banking of luck to win the game. It’s a very fun, quick, and simple game for all players to enjoy–whether you are in a big group or going solo for the evening. It’s a game concept seen before but the theme makes the experience unique in its own way.  The rules are easy to follow however, it takes a few rounds to understand how it works. The box is neatly organized and the dice are high quality–nothing less from TMG. It’s a fully functional dice game and can be played in ten minutes or less.

My Experience

I played this twice in a span of thirty minutes. I began by playing by myself. I grabbed three dice (the other two are used for rerolls), rolled them, and highlighted the matching icons on the paper with my pencil. The paper board has six stacks of balloons (marked by shape and color), and three “break” boxes which will tally your score at the end. I continued to roll the dice indicating on my paper what I was collecting. After a few solid rounds of rolling I triggered the first “break”. A break is a roll that will highlight a red box on your paper. This will stop the flow of the game and have you tally your top most boxes of each group. You’ll place this number in the first break box. I tallied my score and repeated the game until I broke two more times–I ended up with 110 points which is a two star score based on the rulebooks scoring chart. I was confused at first how exactly scoring worked but after I finished the game it all made sense.

I played my second game with my brother. My strategy was to take advantage of the rerolled (which, unfortunately, add extra dice to the game) in order to make sure I don’t break too often. With a second player involved I may have a chance to score higher because he may break before I do. The boxes have random scores making it strategic in the sense that you may not want to roll a certain color or symbol in order to keep the highest scoring box of that symbol or color.

Final thoughts

Balloon Pop is exactly what you’d expect. It’s a dice rolling game relying on luck to score points. I do enjoy that this dice rolling game found a theme to keep it unique from other dice rolling games and of course TMG’s quality helps keep the game looking fresh. It’s not interactive at all during game play with other players and it feels more like two solo players playing together. There is no learning curve to the game because it’s all dice rolling and pencil marking. I do enjoy how quick the game can run because It’s a great way to kill a few minutes, whether you need down time between games running through commercials on tv, or anything.

You will like this game if you want something quick and easy to play.

You will not like this game if you want an experience with more than just dice.

(This is not color blind friendly).

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