Bad Aim


Game: Bad AimTime: 20 minutes
Difficulty: EasyPlayers: 2- 10 players, in teams
Age: 17+Replay Value: higher

Looking for a highly epic and risky challenge game including but not limited to fast-pace shooting, forced accents, or showering with the whole team? Bad Aim is a new party game for NSFW friends, family, or co-workers. With this, players will simultaneously be shooting targets and knocking down their teams challenges before the opposing team does so first. Last team to knock down down all their team-colored targets will have to DO the challenges left standing.


I had two experiences that made me realize what kind of game this is. My first, “blind” run was when I randomly chose some challenges at random to fill my target board with. This initial “learning” round was with my brother and I. So we set up the board, confidently trusted my challenges without going over them–and we started shooting. Plenty of misses, and unfortunate shots (knocking down my brothers targets for him) later I lost, I had one last target standing. It was Climax, where I showcase my best sounding… Uh…

So, no, I decided I wont be blindly drawing challenges ever again for this. Instead–I’d separate the challenges by safety level so I can decide based off group which deck to choose from. So now, we can live stream crossing my legs as tight as possible if we are going for a “riskier” night without feeling too ashamed or awkward about it!


User Interface

Super easy game play if everyone has at one time shot a water gun, nerf gun, or a Koshka .338 Cal (kidding, I hate real guns). The most difficult part is the aiming. The target board is at least 6 feet away and some of us are blind in both eyes. Aiming is more of a fun experience rather than a difficult piece to the game play. I do, however, make house rules when playing this game by having the two teams face off, rather than racing to knock them down. I’ve played both ways–I just personally like the organization and pairing that comes with it.

Mechanics and Game play

This is specifically a dexterity game–I guess. It’s shooting a gun at a target and completing challenges after. This is by far the most party game and least board game I have ever reviewed. I do think owning the board “system” is great though. If you ever find yourself exhausting all your challenges, or just looking for new challenges to do. Players can just buy blank cards and have at it. The system plays the same, which I think is priceless.

What I Liked

This game definitely creates a good time. Even people who don’t play board games at all can enjoy this game. I have friends that come over and for our “game night” throw on Jack Box and tiny Tower. This is one of the groups that actually really enjoyed Bad Aim, because it was a “awesome party game”. This did not happen with other board game party games I showed them. I personally love the game components and mechanics. Being able to physically shoot down these challenged was a lot of fun–and racing to do so is amusing (but like I’ve stated earlier… blah blah). Lastly, The game system itself–seriously is ridiculously amazing and convenient for any good night turned great night. BUY THIS AND BUY SOME BLANK CARD//

What I Don’t Like

Some of the cards are a bit too risky for me, but fortunately with a huge amount of cards there are plenty of options to choose from. I personally didn’t like the racing side of things so we fixed that with house rules.

Final Thoughts

My Advice

Take your time to aim, you are better off hitting your challenge card down then missing completely or worse, knocking down an opponents challenge. Also, speak up if you are too uncomfortable to do a challenged, honestly, ask to change it–the point of gaming is to have fun. So have fun.


I would buy it at a HIGH PRICE. Seriously though this is such a fun time and experience and just owning the game for the components is totally worth it. The challenges themselves are actually super great with the exception of a few–but this is all subjective and based on my own opinion so for all I know you may love each and every one of them. If this can get anyone excited to run around, then you know it’s a party game worth risking your embarrassment over.



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