Bacon Letters and Tomato

 Game: Bacon Letters and Tomato Players: 2- 4
 Publisher: Pacdude Games Difficulty: easy
 Length: 30 minutes Replay Value: low/medium

Bacon Letters and Tomato

Bacon letters and tomato is a card drafting, word creating card game that throws players into the restaurant service life. Create burgers, build words, and collect customer bills and pocket worthy tips. This game can play out within 30 minutes or less and plays best with 2 players to balance a good game length with gameplay. This is one of those catch up over coffee games, it’s not too strenuous on strategy and doesn’t ask for much player interaction, so I’d feel the replay value is on the lower side of things. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.


For being a server for 5 years this game really stood out to me when I was introduced to it. Nothing like feeling the pressure of waiting multiple tables at once, pressuring your memory to hold onto a variety of orders, and racing around the back of the house for refills. Cory Anotado takes it to the game crafter to create the burger building word games experience.

At a glance

Card drafting and word building are not very rare to find tossed together in this style. Draft cards to build words. Simply put, Scrabble in a restaurant–Words with Friends but analog. It’s a game we will find ourselves familiar with and if not, the rules create a fluid process to learn how to play.  Everything is structured to read from setup to gameplay to end the game. If you’re in a family setting, get together, reunion–why not introduce people to a modern version of their favorite classic listed earlier.
bacon letters and tomato

From the developer on The Game Crafter

Final thoughts

A restaurant themed card game for building words from scratch. There is not much player interaction unless you want to challenge people’s words but with the bit of difficulty I found to build words makes that rules more rare than usual. I liked the approach to creating a unique experience with such a saturated and simple mechanic but the difficulty for word building because of the top and bottom bun rules make this game a bit harder to bring to the table. I do feel it is a great game for families and the older crowd but I wouldn’t expect this to be in a bag ready for game night. We all know that game crafter can lean toward a more expensive game because of component prices but sometimes the games from the independent developer off the game crafterares loads of fun. For the price, it’s worth having a family get together.

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