Azul Summer Pavilion Everything You Need to Know

Azul Summer Pavilion

Yes, the biggest hit for the past two years, well, with Azul being the more popular of the two (Talking about Stained Glass if you do not know what that is) has a third installment now. Fortunately, it is not just a reskin because the rules of this game seem a lot more interesting to me than either of the predecessors. Azul Summer Pavilion uses more of a currency system. I personally think this is the best Azul yet.

Azul was such a huge hit in 2017 that I was very impressed by it’s success. In fact, this success can be seen on instagram at least once a day with someone playing it during their game night or instead showcasing it’s beautiful design. But this new game? New design, new mechanics, a discard tower, double sided board for replay value, and almost edible looking pieces!

What to Expect

Game: Azul Summer PavilionPlayers:2- 4
Time: 30 minutesDeveloper: Next Move Games
Age: 10+Replay Value: Higher

Diamond shaped pieces with star shaped player boards. Each player will take turns drafting pieces from the center of the player table, similar to the originals, however, keep it mind there is a currency for placement. Instead of placing them directly to your board for points, you will be placing the chosen tiles on the side of your board.

There is a wild token that changes every round that adds an interesting concept to the gameplay. This wild cannot be selected unless the section being drawn from has 2 or more, then you will grab one alongside your chosen tile.

When players are done drafting all the tiles, then you will begin placement.

The Board

The board has 6 colored stars matching colors of the tiles with an additional star in the center. Placing a tile means you will pay the cost of that section with the same color tile, this includes wilds. For example, 3-red will need a discard of 3 red/wild tiles to place a red tile there—and no, you do not score 3 points. You score points dependent on how many tiles are connected to this tile.

The discard tower? You guessed it, that is where the discarded pieces will go after you choose where to place a tile and what you are placing.

End Game

Throughout the game, you will continue to collect tiles. Even during placement you will have chances to grab from the center. Surrounding the minimal designs of towers and such that occupy the empty spaces between the stars will grant you more tiles. Carefully choose your tiles as they will become negative points if they are not used.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to complete the trilogy and want to pre-order the game you will hopefully find heavy shipping (to the US, and other places I’m sure), worth the value for this next big hit. If you are looking for something similar to Azul maybe check out some of these other tile placement games!

Otherwise, pick up Azul Now for only $23!¬†buying anything from this link helps me as I’m an Amazon Affiliate!!


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